Melissa McCloud - Visual Artist

pharmakon: impasse and aporia

MFA Thesis Exhibition
exhibition info

Taking the intersecting space of my domestic life (i.e. my back porch) and that of nature (i.e. backyard nature) I set out to begin a daily practice of communing with the bees. With forage and bees both seemingly sparse, I started by lining my porch rails with little dishes filled with homemade nectar. My winged friends increased in number daily transforming this shared space into a magical fairyland. By participating in the beauty of their lives I inherently grew more concerned in the awareness of their global deaths.

In this gallery exhibit I am using laundered prayer flags that criss cross on silver cords through the space. Start and end points of the cords mirror that of Pleiades (aka star cluster of the Seven Sisters) creating a triangular constellation with two clusters on each end of the far wall and both diagonally crossing the space and joining to one cluster on the opposing wall. I project video footage of my daily bee devotionals across both sides of the room; creating visions of activity and shadow and interference patterns through both. The video sequences loop again and again mimicking the selfless and repetitive devotion of these female workers.