Melissa McCloud - Visual Artist


Family Room; domestic gallery space
Huntington, WV

Strolling through the Milton Flea Market in WV, I came across this treasure trove of picture post cards, cabinet cards, and misc. papers. Looking through these precious yet discarded items (mostly women and children), I found a high school graduation roster with my great grandmothers name on it. Discovering this "trace" of my own family prompted a search of my own memories for better understanding of my roots. Having never met many of my ancestors, I scanned every face for clues of familiarity. I felt like every single one of these people could have been a "family tie" which leads me to question: Are we really the separate individuals we so believe ourselves to be?
Assembling this vast sea of faces; I turned my domicile into a gallery space to host a homecoming and celebration to (re)member these people into a family; my family.